History and Philosophy

Big hotels have succeeded in creating an Orwellian myth about the business traveller….a soulless clone best housed…….homogenous boxes…….soaking up overpriced drinks and shaking about to brain-numbing techno music……And just when the swarms of urban drones that buzz in and out of Bangalore had all but surrendered to the myth, along comes the little Villa Pottipati…..A breath of garden-fresh air for the gasping business traveller..
Bharati Motwani

The Gateway Magazine

A garden home in Malleswaram, which was once the vegetarian- Brahmin stronghold of Bangalore. The name Pottipati derives from a village in Andhra Pradesh from where its owners – the Reddy family, originally migrated to Bangalore.

Among the bustle of glass and concrete towers, relish pastoral charm, under a giant Shivalinga tree, Gulmohars, Jacarandas, Jack Fruit, Mangoes and Avacado trees, as also parterres full of crotons and seasonal flowers.

The intimacy of old-world-rooms named after traditional sarees, a granite pillared lounge with a skylight, with basic business hotel facilities and a small conference room.

When you stay at Villa Pottipati you join Bengaluru’s fight to retain its magnificent heritage structures by making restoration a viable, self-sustainable tourism activity.